I have been rescuing dogs and cats in Bosnia for years, and in period 2010-2019 thanks to Stichting Idemo I rehomed successfully around 700 animals. It was first organisation which helped me to find homes for all kind of dogs and cats, no matter how big they are, how they look like and how old they are. Idemo’s motto is every dog/cat needs help and deserves chance. Just recently thanks to Idemo I saved 4 dogs ran over by cars and horrible demodex case, as well as many dogs and puppies left on garbage lot , some of them are already enjoying life in Holland and some are still waiting. Idemo also helps feeding dogs I save from street or from dog catchers which I put in private mini shelters, and they dont help me to help only dogs which will be adopted through Idemo but all dogs as well as those who are wild and leave in mountains and a colony of village cats-to be sterilised and fed as well.

Last but definitely not least important are foster people who take care of dogs in Holland and work with those who are not socialised well. And they take all those which didnt click well with adopters and people dont want to keep them anymore or doggies who lost home due to death of owner or divorces and so on, what is very important for me because my animals won’t end up in shelter but in foster home. Also when doggies have some health issue and adopter is not able to pay vetting Idemo is again there to step in. Priceless!!

Of course photo updates are always coming so I can see how my animals enjoy wonderful life in Holland.

I am really proud to be part of this team and I hope more people will support Stichting Idemo and find love of their life on our site, hundreds of dogs and cats are waiting to come from hell to heaven via Idemo , please check our site and facebook group and open your heart for one doggy or kitty who will enrich your life and bring joy and love in your home.